Saturday, May 23, 2009


Aloha Peeps!

I spent one whole day going through my old entries.

There were some good entries that I couldn't believe I wrote 'em myself.

Some were quite embarrassing that I wish I've never written 'em.

I needed a reason to stop, for a while, and I finally found one.

I'm therefore taking a break from blogging. Finding an identity and most importantly my true self, because I vaguely see myself here.

It might not be long. Well, I'm not quite sure for how long, but I will return. I love how this blog keeps me connected to you peeps.

I will still be around, that's for sure. :)

Thank you for the support. And we shall be in touch.

Take good care and have a nice day!

Lots and lots of love,


MELanies said...


hamlet said...

dun be too long.

Anonymous said...

i can suddenly leave comments here on your blog again. kewl :)

your writing is missed ok. hope will be seeing you at lunch esok?



Anonymous said...

oit mek.. copek la blog balik.. hishhh

IkraamTorres said...

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